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The busiest airport in Scotland, Edinburgh Airport handles around 12 million passengers every year. If you’re planning to visit Edinburgh Airport by car, it’s important that you arrange parking beforehand as it can be very difficult and costly to try to find a parking space on the day of your journey. To give you a helping hand, JetParks have some useful tips that’ll ensure you get the perfect parking space at a low price.

Pick-up & Drop-off at Edinburgh Airport

While there are dedicated drop-off and pick-up bays around the entrance of the terminal, these can be extremely costly if you’re planning to stay longer than a few minutes. Those who want a little longer to say their goodbyes, or to wait to collect their passengers, are advised to book a short-stay parking space or use the free drop-off and pick-up points in the long-stay carparks.

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Edinburgh Airport Drop-off Carpark (Latitude: 55.9478991 Longitude: -3.3646099)

Edinburgh Airport Short-stay Parking

Apart from the pick-up and drop-off sections, Edinburgh Airport doesn’t offer any short-stay parking services. If you’re planning on staying for less than a few days you can use Edinburgh’s medium-stay multi-storey carpark. However, if you’re considering this service be sure to check that your car is no taller than 2.2m as the carpark has a low ceiling. It’s recommended that you use long-stay parking if you are leaving your vehicle for longer than a couple of days.

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Edinburgh Airport Short-stay Carpark (Latitude: 55.9478813 Longitude: -3.3643574)

Edinburgh Airport Long-stay Parking

If you’re planning to leave your car for more than a few days, Edinburgh’s long-stay parking is the cheapest and most secure option. With a regular 5 minute shuttle bus running to and from the airport, you can quickly get from your car to the terminal doors.

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Edinburgh Airport Long-stay Carpark (Latitude: 55.9453724 Longitude: -3.3549126)

Edinburgh Meet & Greet Parking

Edinburgh Airport’s valet parking service offers the perfect touch of luxury to kick off your trip. Simply meet a professional valet on your day of travel and they will take your car to a secure carpark. Then, when you are leaving the airport, alert the valet and they will meet you with your vehicle by the terminal doors.

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(Latitude: 55.9478991 Longitude: -3.3646099)

Edinburgh Airport Terminal Guide

Edinburgh Airport only has a single terminal so there’s no need to worry about whether the carpark you’ve chosen is in the right place. Every Edinburgh Airport carpark has strong travel links to and from the terminal.

Hotels at Edinburgh Airport

Beat the traffic by driving to the airport the day before and staying at one of the hotels on-site. There are several types of accommodation available to visitors including the Holiday Inn Express and DoubleTree by Hilton – both of which are within walking distance of the terminal doors.

Helpful Hints For Visiting Edinburgh Airport

  • Arrive Early: Edinburgh Airport has a departure scheduled every 5 minutes, meaning that there’s an incredible amount of congestion any time of the day. The airport recommends that you arrive at least 2 hours 30 minutes before your flight to guarantee that you have plenty of time to get through security.
  • book a lounge: If you’d like to avoid the crowded terminals at Edinburgh Airport you can book a lounge. Lounge bookings often come with complimentary extras such as fast track tickets, Wi-Fi and food.

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