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Birmingham Airport Parking

Birmingham Airport has an impressive range of carparks and parking options for its 10 million annual visitors. To ensure that you choose the right parking for your vehicle, JetParks have created this handy guide full of useful parking tips.

Pick-up & Drop-off at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is one of the few remaining airports that allow for free drop-off near the terminal doors. You can use the free Drop & Go area for up to 30 minutes, although charges can steeply rise after that. If you want to get even closer to the terminal doors, you can pay to use the Premium Set Down carpark adjacent to the terminal entrance. Picking-up friends and family is a breeze too, just book a space in short-stay Carparks 1, 2 or 3.

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  • Drop & Go Parking (Latitude: 52.4519249 Longitude: -1.7325604)
  • Premium Set Down (Latitude: 52.4518192 Longitude: -1.7329061)

Short-stay Parking at Birmingham Airport

If you’re planning to meet friends and family at Birmingham Airport, or just want to say goodbye to the ones that you are dropping-off, you can book into any of the short-stay carparks. Short-stay Carparks 1, 2 and 3 are each secure and within walking distance of the airport. If you’re planning on staying for longer than a few hours it’s worth considering long-stay parking.

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  • Carpark 1 (Latitude: 52.4515955 Longitude: -1.730392)
  • Carpark 2 (Latitude: 52.4538311 Longitude: -1.7313803)
  • Carpark 3 (Latitude: 52.4531864 Longitude: -1.7303496)

Long-stay Parking at Birmingham Airport

While most of the carparks at Birmingham Airport have a long-stay section, the parking close to the terminal doors can be much more expensive. If you want to save a little money towards that first round of drinks at the airport, parking in Carpark 5 is a good option as you’ll only need to walk for 10 minutes to get to and from the terminal. Thrifty travellers can park in Carpark 7, which is the furthest from the airport but also the cheapest.

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  • Carpark 5 (Latitude: 52.4464662 Longitude: -1.7350786)
  • Carpark 7 (Latitude: 52.4473206 Longitude: -1.7497583)

Meet & Greet Parking at Birmingham Airport

Get your holiday started in the best way possible with Birmingham Airport’s incredible Meet & Greet service. Simply book ahead of time then meet with a professional valet who will take your car and store it in a secure parking garage. When you’re ready to leave the airport, contact the valet and they will bring your vehicle to the terminal doors for you to pick-up.

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Birmingham Airport Meet & Greet (Latitude: 52.4526974 Longitude: -1.7299576)

Birmingham Airport Terminal Guide

The Main Terminal at Birmingham Airport is the only one on site. All the carparks have strong travel links to and from the Main Terminal so you don’t need to worry about which carpark is correct for your flight.

Birmingham Airport Hotel & Parking

While traffic around Birmingham Airport can be difficult to navigate, you can avoid it by driving to the airport the day before and staying at one of the on-site hotels. If you want to start things off with a little luxury you could book into the Genting Hotel at Resorts World, or you can save a little cash by staying at the Holiday Inn or Travelodge on-site.

Helpful Hints for Visiting Birmingham Airport

  • Arrive Early: The airport recommends that you arrive at least 2 hours before a European flight and 3 hours before any long-haul flight so you have plenty of time to get through security.
  • Make the Most Of Drop & Go: The Drop & Go section gives you 30 minutes of free parking near the terminal entrance, make sure to use all the time you’re given, instead of rushing like you might at other airports.

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